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Rilke’s Thoughts on Love

Whoever loves must try to act as if they had a great work; they must be much alone and go into themselves and collect themselves and hold fast . . . the more one is, the richer is Continue reading “Rilke’s Thoughts on Love”

Home: Chronicle of a North Country Life

“Home you have to weave it thread by thread.  What is life without brambly hollows and blackbirds? We imagined a life and then we set out to find it.  It is my twenty-fifth summer here.  I can’t ever imagine leaving this place.  Long summer days, cold nights, Continue reading “Home: Chronicle of a North Country Life”

transitions and beginnings

The cold, frozen month of January, marks a time of new beginnings.  Named after the Roman God, “Janus” the month symbolizes transitions, looking back, looking forward, taking stock . . .

Continue reading “transitions and beginnings”

abundance in simplicity

The holiday season has arrived and so often begins the frenzy that goes with it, the holiday events, gatherings, meals to plan, dishes to cook, gifts to find, purchase . . . this on top of an already busy life can leave little down time, the down time that is important for our health and well-being, and really good for the soul . . .  Continue reading “abundance in simplicity”

moments in the Old Port

Walking the cobblestone to the parking area after attending an event downtown, the sunny summer afternoon was beautiful and pleasantly mild for June.  The fresh ocean smells of the Old Port were in the air, and embracing . . . Continue reading “moments in the Old Port”

No Dead Ends: Writing Will Get You Everywhere

WordCamp Maine 2017 to be held at Maine College of Art in Portland, is bound to be another informative, helpful and fun event scheduled for Friday May 26th and Saturday May 27th!  I am pleased to announce that I have been selected as a speaker again this year!  I will give a talk about the benefits of Continue reading “No Dead Ends: Writing Will Get You Everywhere”

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