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bringing into focus . . .

In reflecting about my writing process, I notice a couple of factors.  First, writing takes time.  It does not magically appear on the page without persistence and dedication and structure.  There is quite a bit of effort that goes into producing each and every piece of work, art, really, as the words are crafted out of the writer’s experience and placed accordingly on the page, the lettered canvas  . . .

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some thoughts on love . . .

This morning was bustling before school as there was Valentine-checking, pulling items for classroom parties, and packing up Valentine holder boxes, somehow managing to squeeze in breakfast . . .  We gathered all of the necessary items in time, while still making it to catch the bus  . . .

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confirming another grizzly . . .

Speechless.  I.  am.  The DC Drama is becoming more darkly entertaining by the moment.  Key characters must be rich, narrow-minded, and ethically-compromised to be cast in this Emmy-winning thriller.  Apparently, Saturday Night Live’s portrayal of Betsy DeVos didn’t cut it with the Senate!  Not even the beautiful reference to the new campaign, Guns for Grizzlies (My words, not theirs!  MY words!)  Grrrrrrrr . . .

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live from new york!

What a weekend in pop culture entertainment!  So much to write about and so little time . . SNL or the SuperBowl . . !

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resistance in review

Today, at the end of the week, it seems appropriate to post a few triumphs that have resulted from sheer people power.

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a moment of calm . . .

Because it is important to take breaks for calm and restoration, I am posting a snowy nature photo.  Poignant to me about this capture is the footsteps through the snow overlayed with shadows and interrupting tracks.  Despite these seeming interruptions the tracks continue on their journey . . .

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