Driving down the interstate today my daughter asked me if we were close to the beach. “Do you see the trees and the sky? When we are near the beach the trees will disappear and the sky will broaden and take their place.” “Oh,” she replied as if my explanation made perfect sense. Happily she returned her attention to her books.

While she was occupied lots of ideas went through my head as I wondered what the perfect first blog post would be. Then upon further consideration realized perfect would be a tall order. Paralyzing, even.

The afternoon at the beach, on the other hand, was perfect. The crowded sand dotted with flapping umbrellas seemed almost celebratory. My daughter was in her element running into the waves shrieking as the water pushed her back towards the beach. Falling into the ocean was even more delightful and the sand was a boundless place of exploration and excitement. Shells, sand towers, new beach toys. What was there not to love?

At one point I walked to an umbrella I liked in particular and asked it’s inhabitants if I could snap a few shots of it. “Sure,” they replied, “Do you want us to move?” I smiled at the prospect of sending them away from their beach nest with books in tow. “No, you are fine. Really.”

I took a few more photos and the woman asked me if I minded telling them what the shots were for. I told them I was writing a blog and wanted a beach element for my post. As an afterthought I mentioned I was just getting started and the site name was ClunkyShoe. “Clunky Shoe,” the woman repeated. I nodded and realized I had officially committed myself to actually writing something.

I finished up, thanked them and turned around to join my daughter who was sitting in the sand sifting it through her fingers. We walked down to the water and I chased after her as we tumbled in the waves.