Music has always been one of my favorite sorts of inspirations. Driving to the beach yesterday I listened to one of my husband’s compilation Cds and a song on it leaves me breathless every time I play it.

When I saw Micheal Mann’s remake of Miami Vice, I heard it for the first time. The mystery song is Nonpoint’s version of an old Phil Collins song, In the Air Tonight. While the movie did not get great reviews, it was very well shot with breathtaking scenes and a killer soundtrack.

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Nonpoint’s version is edgy, alternative and hosts an interplay of bass, drums and lyrics that leave the heart racing. The song begins quietly and builds slowly. The bass heats up, mixes with the lyrics, until the lyrics pause while the drums kick in and build, only to pull back again when the lyrics resume. Here the song has an almost acoustic quality. Then the sound builds again.

The phrasing is amazing, the slight variation of the melody refreshing. I enjoyed Phil Collin’s 1981 version and it stood alone with no contenders for years. Nonpoint has taken the song to a new level in my book.

Great song for when you are driving alone. Amp it up and immerse yourself in the sound.