It has been so cold this December!   Yikes!

When the thermometer reads anywhere below freezing, it’s time to pull out the stops.  Up the ante.  Put those warming stones in the foot of the bed.

The solution that will make most frozen humans, of which I consider myself to be, feel better?

Chicken Pot Pie.

That’s right.  Chicken.  Pot. Pie.

Let’s make sure to savor it all we can.

Out in the cold this afternoon I kept thinking about making a dish that was warm and cozy, sort of like wool socks, but with a better aftertaste.  Settling on the Joy of Cooking’s Chicken Pot Pie, I wasn’t sure if I had all of the ingredients at home, but I crossed my fingers and checked out the recipe.

It turns out, we had everything but the carrots, so I made it with what was on hand.  It did seem a bit strange without those orange orbs peeking out from the under the biscuits. But my, oh, my.  It was fabulous!

Serving it at dinner tonight, all plates were scraped clean at the end of the meal.  My youngest opened her mouth like a baby bird before she had swallowed what was already there.  My husband ate his, then finished off what my oldest had left behind. I scraped the bottom of the casserole dish.  With my finger.  I’ll admit it.

Isn’t it funny how holiday time can change the focus of inspiration to food? And cold weather to comfort food?  It’s amazing how a really good meal can simply warm the heart and the bones.


Disclaimer: the posted image above is clearly not the muse described above.  (The peeking carrots are the giveaway).  But this is a photo of another yummy chicken pot pie that I made another time, carrots and all.

And yes, you are welcome to dinner anytime  🙂