Purple.  Fuzzy.  Satin bow-tied.  Snuggly.  Not only am I a fan of clunky shoes, but I think clunky slippers are fabulous!  Recently finding a replacement pair for some favorite pink clunkers, I have been enjoying the new ones tremendously.

Slippers are one of the simple pleasures in life.  One of those things that we can just slide our feet into and enjoy the luxury of the texture, the slowing down, the time at home.  And if we wear them enough to relax, we can condition ourselves to relax just by putting them on!  Pavlov knew what he was talking about!

Not to mention, they are perfect for dress-up, or play in general.  Often I will go to put them on and our household tinker will have absconded with them, tucking a favorite animal or teddy inside for a nap.  Now that’s a good slipper!

Years ago I found the best pair ever.  In the realm of whimsy, they were a pair of blue fuzzy monster feet slippers.  From the movie, Monsters, Inc, the footed toes looked great with jeans, just in case you are trying to get a visual. I wore these for ages!  So cute and comfy, I am surprised I didn’t forget to take them off before going out to the grocery store!   Imagine looking down at a pair of blue fuzzy monster feet on your feet.  It’s bound to make you laugh.  Not to mention, when you are needing some perspective you can look down and ask yourself, “What would Sulley do?”

Those slippers are still kicking around the house, periodically worn by little feet. Lots of great entertainment there.  Having favorite slippers is good self-care. Low cost. Non habit forming. Good things that can really make you happy.  It is definitely important to nurture yourself to keep balance in the midst of a busy life, a stressful life, or any life, really.  Ask Sulley.  He won’t steer you wrong!