Love. The emotion that moves us, and draws us closer. That which brings out our yearnings, our hopes, our desires. Inspires artistic expression. Moves us to acts of courage.

Leaves us feeling wistful. With loss or absence, moves people to self-destruct.

Expressed in the intimacies of our interactions. Eye-gazing. A kiss on the forehead or nose. Brushing a wisp of hair. A full on embrace. Interlacing fingers. A soft pull of the lips. Skin to skin contact.

Clouds our thinking and yet, makes everything perfectly clear.

That which binds us together as friends, families, partners. Love moves in us. A quiet recognition. A weakness in the belly. Breathlessness. A fire stirring. A soothing.

Love, in all of it experiences and recognitions and expressions. That which compels us to be.

The Foo Fighters perform a sweet acoustic version of their song “Everlong.” A really lovely line, “Breathe out, so I can breathe you in.” Quintessential love.