Those things. Little. Niggling. Aggravating. Building. Escalating. Getting bigger. And bigger. Huge! And don’t you just want to scream?

Life’s daily inconveniences. On some days seem less surmountable. When you want things to be easy. Routine. Predictable. And solid.

Ah, but who said life was going to be easy?

Wish for it then. Or try harder. Reach out. Vent. Distill. Reserve just the facts ma’am. Remember, today is just one day. Make it a better one tomorrow. Even better, why not now?

Those things. Big. Tickling. Giggling. Laughing. Roaring. Zooming out. Getting smaller. Until they seem tiny. And don’t you just want to sigh? And sit peacefully for a moment?

Don’t you worry about a thing! Some closing thoughts by Stevie Wonder. Get ready to shake off that angst!!