One of my most favorite times of the day is the late evening. When the house is quiet, and asleep. It is here that I sit, plugged into music, savoring the acoustic stirrings, the jagged guitars, throbbing drumbeats, pitch perfect perfection, hooks that keep haunting, and the bad-ass guitar. In my music book there is always room for a bad-ass guitar.

Music transports us to times in our past. Sheds perspective on our present. Gives us glimpses of our futures. Takes us out of our element into another realm. Somewhere beyond ourselves. A healthy detachment.

Daylight Fading, the song by the Counting Crows, I love. Why is that? Well, to me the song is about staying true to our passions and interests, and being aware of things dull and lifeless. And making necessary changes to our lives when we reach these points to make things more exciting.

The song’s music is vibrant. The percussion is mesmerizingly hypnotic. The harmony is compelling. The lyrics are poetry, really. The pauses are contemplative, effective. The music moves us along with all of its elements. We are a conduit to the experience.

The video is unique and artistic with the yrics are printed below. Visual poetry, wrapped up in sound.

Daylight fading
Come and waste another year
All the the anger and the eloquence
are bleeding into fear
Moonlight creeping around the corners of our lawn
When we see the early signs that daylight’s fading
We leave just before it’s gone.