The Fourth of July marks a summer midpoint and often the height of the summer heat. Red, white and blue’s flapping gently in the afternoon’s breezes. Family picnics. Camping out. Outings to see the parade. Community band concerts. Fireworks, definitely fireworks.

Reflecting on my past Fourth celebrations, I remember biking through Martha’s Vineyard, Americana everywhere. Flags draped on white clapboard houses, flowers spilling out of window boxes, beaches beckoning a quick dip, or a longer, lazy one. Breezy breezes breezing, caressing one’s cheek, tousling one’s hair. A constant reminder that our hearts were as alive.

Another New England favorite is the Boston Pops Concert on the Charles River. Fireworks cascading from the ready sky, mirroring the glow of the event, as did we, the expectant audience. Trumpets bursting in air. Attendees bursting with delight. A tradition that continues each year.

The festivities, whatever they are, however we choose to have them, live on in us forever. So what will make your Independence Day noteworthy, to you and yours?

I leave you with a beautiful, soulful reference to the Fourth of July sung by Aoife O’Donovan, Red, White, Blue and Gold.

Red and white and blue and gold
I wanna wait for the water to touch my toes
it’s the Fourth of July.