Losing oneself in the depths of the mountains is a sort of immersive therapy. Amazing is that a brief walk in the woods, inhaling the crisp mountain air, can deeply refresh one’s being at a bone level. Stepping the stones, tippi-toed, as one moves across the currents, dipping a foot in the cool washes of mountain stream. The rushing backdrop of the waterfall lends an ever present spray of soothing sound to the experience.

Service dots of cell phones are gone, lost in this forest. In their absence, anxiety, fear, listlessness do not visit. Only peace. And contentment. Thank goodness someplace exists, where everyday technology does not reach. No pulling away from the experience at hand. No distraction or dividedness. Only full presence of being. And that, losing ourselves in those moments, restores us to full humanity.

In essence, being unplugged keeps us from coming unglued. How is that for a trade-off? Sign me up!! How about you? The mountains are calling . . . as is the mountain fiddle, winding along Cripple Creek.