Recently I observed Birk Man moving stealthily down the driveway in a careful, measured, way. Consider me puzzled. It wasn’t exactly his manner of greeting the mailman. Rule that one out. Not the greeting for a neighbor. He edged along, quietly, and observantly.

Not so long after my oldest was tip-toeing towards the bushes. Then my youngest tumbled along asking what they were going to see, as my oldest shushed her. Soon the three stopped and pointed towards the bush, and slowed down the pace to mini-steps. They inched closer and closer and then stopped.

A bunny, out for the evening, was having its dinner of grass niblets. This bunny was a bit nonchalant, as she gazed at the trio, but stayed the course with her feet and her belly. Her ears swiveled around like radio antennas as she took in the noises of the curious onlookers. Her soft brown fur, and curious brown eyes made her almost irresistible to two little ones, who were restrained and took care not to startle her.

Soon, I was present with them, and we sat together, within two arms’ reach of the rabbit. Talking quietly sometimes, and excitedly and a bit more loudly at others, the bunny continued to trust our goodwill and remained with us as long as we stayed.

What a lovely experience in mindfulness, being present to the experience at hand. Understanding that delaying gratification, resisting impulsivity and not chasing the animal, would lead to a richer, maturing experience. An enriching moment for all of us.

Walking back to the house, once inside we gazed out the window to check on our friend. She was gone. Belly filled, social time concluded. We speculated about where she went, and decided it was likely she had returned to her bunny hollow for her evening’s nap, as were we headed for ours.