Life has a way of coming full circle. With visits. And revisits. Rememberances and encounters. We may pass a place that reminds of us life twenty years ago, ten years ago, or five years ago. We touch upon memories we have not considered in a while. And we have a moment to think about what has changed. Are we the same people? Have we changed? How is our life different from then? Is it more of the same, and we like it that way? Or we don’t?

Coming full circle can feel like a completion. Maybe an ending. Maybe a new beginning. Or a continuation. A circle, infinite, with no beginning and no end.

Life is full of rhythms. The sun will rise. The sun will set. The tides proceed. The waves recede. The moon moves through a monthly cycle, waxing and waning. Fall is upon us as summer subsides. There is rhythm and predictability all around us. And with each season, year, cycle, we become the wiser for the experience.