Have you ever met someone who does not enjoy music? Finding a person who does not like chocolate is probably more likely! Music is a universal language to which we all can relate. We have different preferences for the type, it seems, but love it just the same.

Music can be a mood-altering experience, in a healthy way. People can feel down and play a song that puts them in a better mood. Use music to mirror an emotion or experience they are having. Express a thought or feeling.

Listening to music can be an exercise in mindfulness, as well, if you really tune in to what is happening in the song. An example of this is an amazing version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, sung by Eva Cassidy. Her interpretation of the song is fresh and inspiring. The way she engages with the rhythm is amazing.

Pay attention to the song with the original version in your head, and you will notice the difference. Not only is the rhythmic interpretation breath-taking, but the vocals will give you goose bumps. Specifically, near the song’s end listen for the high C# to D when Eva sings “where you’ll find me-e-e-e-e- somewhere over the rainbow . . . .” What a spectacularly deliberate musical meander!

Being mindful to music. Another way to be present. Calm. Focused. Engaged. Energized. Inspired. And on a silly note, be sure to ask yourself, “What will I do? Press play on my music device? Or reach for some Hershey?” Only you can decide. Love the Muse-ic or love the Choc-lic!