Reassuring is knowing exactly what you need each day. And having nothing more. Possible? Impossible? With regards to your wardrobe, noticing what you wear, and what you don’t. Notice the fits you like. Fabrics that feel good. A nod to our skin brushing the cloth we wear all day.

Cutting losses with the rest. Saving it for a rainy day may be tempting. Well, maybe saving it for the next one. Actually, the one after that. In the meantime finding another closet entry or two, and expanding still.

Challenge yourself to let it go. Move on. Lighten your load. Think of it as losing pounds and inches. Some coat hangers are about a quarter-inch thick. Lose four items, subtract an inch. And keep on going. Did you know that twenty unoccupied plastic coat hangers occupy seven inches of space? Add clothing, and space consumed reaches twelve inches. And how many pounds could that be? Five? Eight? Ten?

Lose the excess. Give up the extra. And notice the gains. Love how you look. Love how you feel. Reach for most anything that works. Notice the bounce in your step. Ease. Comfort. Serenity.

Worth it.