You’ve got to chase your dream. One that’s all your own. Before it slips away . . . take every chance you dare. I’ll still be there . . . when you come back down.

Words from Nickel Creek’s When You Come Back Down.  This song really touches on a life lesson that applies to everyone about living life. Your life. Not someone else’s. Living a life that you love and respect.

Life is not about living to please your spouse or partner. Or your friends. Even your mother or father. It is about living life for you. And to live an authentic life, we have to take risks and make sacrifices. And we have to realize that opportunities come. And then they go. And we have to be ready, and sure about what is good for us, so when those opportunities present themselves we move towards them accordingly.

When You Come Back Down seems relevant even to our relationships with others. Savoring those sweet moments we have together. Because sometimes we can trap ourselves into thinking our friend will always be there to meet for dinner. Or celebrate that annual birthday at lunch. Or spend an afternoon at the playground with the kids. And the truth is, those things don’t last forever. People get busy. Move away. Even die. And then we are left with what are hopefully the sweet memories. Hopefully.

And so, I leave you with Nickel Creek’s song. Beautiful harmony. Acoustic guitar. Fiddle that plays like a vocal part. Amazing. Transfixing and immensely meditative. Enjoy.