The day before Thanksgiving brings much motion and activity. Perusing recipes, completing errands, cooking, preparing for guests, travelling to spend time with loved ones. Anticipation is in the air.

Because music in the background adds flow to the day and moves things along smoothly and happily,  jazz was our holiday selection.   Frank Sinatra sang  Fly Me to the Moon, while we made some pumpkin pies with a few minor mishaps.  Like dumping the cinnamon in the mix. Three or four tablespoons or so. Yikes! Then trying to scoop out as much excess as possible. Repeating the mantra to self, “Cinnamon is so good for you. Doesn’t it help with circulation or something?” Deep breath. Deep breath.

Then, with some additional assistance, dropping a whole nutmeg into the batter,  a couple of times. Whoops! Fishing it out again. Losing the mini-whisk in the depths of the batter. Hmmmm.  On second thought, maybe we could make a Pumpkin Surprise Pie?  Pulling out Pink Piggy Spatula to save the day.

Funny, those imperfections are the best. We may remember this year as the year we baked the Cinnamon Pie topped with a bit of pumpkin. But we are proud of our efforts and enjoyed our pie-baking journey. We will let you know how it tastes. And if it is good, I will be sure to post a revised Pumpkin Pie recipe, complete with the nutmeg toss and the whisk drop.

Here’s to wishing you a memorable Thanksgiving, with many touching moments.