The turkey is cooked.  The stuffing has stuffed. Cranberries are crammed. Pumpkin pie, devoured. And no surprise, cheeks are aglow.

The house echoes with clamboring. Giggles. Hushes. And exclamations.  Tummies are content. Hearts are full. We are embraced by, well, love. Everywhere, it seems.

Having those memorable moments are so meaningful. Remembering Thanksgiving past. Wondering about Thanksgiving future. Letting it all sink into our hearts. With gratitude.  Then breathing so deeply  it settles in our bones. There is a lot for which to be thankful.

Shawn Colvin’s song When You Know, about love, seems particularly fitting  this holiday.  After all, what would a celebration be without music? Well, I am the wrong person to ask, because I just don’t know the answer to that one!

If you haven’t heard the song, take a moment to listen.  If you have heard it, I am sure you will love to hear it again!  Same for the movie.  Sweet, funny and entertaining.  I have posted a clip below with scenes from the movie set to the song.  Hope you enjoy it.

Happy Thanksgiving!  May your heart be full.

When you feel
in your skin
in your bones
and the hollow
of your heart
there’s no way
you can wait
til tomorrow

when there isn’t any
doubt about it
once you come this close
cause you know
and you know
that you know.

You can feel
love surround you
like the sky
’round the moon
this is how
love has found you
now you know
what to do.