With Thanksgiving behind us, we are wading into December as the holiday season is upon us. A time of revisiting traditions, and creating new ones. Doing those things we love with those we love.

Setting up the tree. Unboxing homemade ornaments from seasons past. Watching the parade. Seeing the Nutcracker for the nth time. Tuning into Rudolph or Frosty, maybe Charlie Brown. Singing Jingle Bells or Silver Bells. Making the annual ginger bread house.

Going for a sleigh ride or a hay ride under the Christmas lights. Or walking through them while you freeze just a little. And then sipping the hot chocolate that warms your soul. While the skipping and giggles around you make it warmer still.

It is amazing how quickly the season arrives, and then departs. And in the in between we create the meaning that endures and lives on in our hearts.

Sarah McLachlan’s version of Bring on the Wonder, seems apt for the occasion. In a haunting, mystical way, she describes finding one’s wonder and yearnings, even when they have been suppressed and forgotten. ┬áSarah plays on the piano a simple accompanying part that is as haunting as her voice. The vocal parts in the song will fill you with wonder, too. Enjoy.