In good company their
eyes sparkled with delight.
Hearts were brimming.
Parting was sweet.

Sharing our lives with others is such a gift. Truly, I am inspired when I have wonderful, deeply honest, conversations with people about who they truly are and what they truly love. Learning more about life histories and experiences they have had. Things they are thinking about. And dreams on their horizons. Through this sharing process we are deeply touched, and even, forever changed.

Sharing our times together, we become friends, life witnesses, and supporters of the dreams. Cheer each other on with the steps forward and the successes. Give a gentle nudge when those dreams go dormant, underground, and seem forgotten and lost.

Our relationships with others are one of the greatest gifts we experience through our lifetime. Sharing who we are, and being accepted with all of our strengths and vulnerabilities. Being fully ourselves and being seen as fully ourselves. While seeing others as fully themselves. That is the sacred ground we tread as we move along our life’s path.

I leave you with a song by Gavin McGraw, about being yourself, I Don’t Want To Be. The energy of the song is inspiring as the guitar plays a bass line in the spirit of “tell it like it is.” Coupled with the refrain, “I don’t wanna be anything other than what I’ve been trying to be lately” it is a reminder to be ourselves. The best thing for everyone.