Deck the Halls with recycled holiday items! What a great time of year to save some package leftovers for fun times with the kids! Recently, at the request of family members, my children opened some presents early. One gift was wrapped in a really cute snowman pattern.

Saving the paper, we pulled it out when my oldest asked to make a craft. It was a great opportunity to practice cutting out snowmen shapes, deciding where to place them and gluing them down. We like to call the finished product Recycled Snowmen.

Times such as these encourage lots of priceless conversation. My oldest thought out loud while eyeing the array of snowmen. She pointed to the purple scarves and asked, “Are those girls?” The scarf logic was perplexing. Were the snowmen wearing the purple polka dot scarves actually snowwomen with black hats, or snowmen in purple scarves? It’s a fair question. Which lead to more questions. Why do snowmen wear scarves? Where do the scarves come from, the scarf store? Do snowmen have families? Where do snowmen babies come from?

Does anyone know the answer to where snowmen babies come from? Upon initial consideration the answer seems obvious. With or without snow, men don’t give birth to babies. Upon further consideration, one could wonder whether it is a language issue. Is the term ‘snowmen’ intended to function like the term ‘human,’ all inclusive, except that it’s not? Are snowmen really snowpeople, but we just haven’t evolved enough to call them that?

And I thought I would be teaching the lessons in creativity! Answering those questions was an immersion in creative thinking. Where do snowmen babies come from indeed. The same place snow storks come from, I guess.

Note: content originally written and published by ClunkyShoe December 21, 2010. Posted again for your reading entertainment 🙂