This new year, in its early stages, is a great time to make changes that, if practiced over time, will gain momentum as the year progresses, and become enduring. One of the changes I am making this year is to continue on the path of simplifying my life. Getting rid of things that I don’t really need, and keeping those things I love. In the process of simplifying one’s life, less of a “footprint” is left on our planet, and we live in a more natural and fulfilling state.

In an effort to use less paper, like napkins and paper towels, recently, I realized that having more absorbent dish towels would really help with this process. But I did not want to buy, therein acquire, more things to accomplish this end. In thinking about how to address this dilemma, I realized that I had some rarely used towels that were on the verge of being discarded into a donation box. Aha!

Selecting two towels, I pulled out my pinking shears and cut each towel into four small towels. Because pinking shears were used, the towels did not need to be hemmed, as the zig zag cut keeps the fabric from fraying. The whole process took about ten minutes, and now I have enough absorbent dish towels!

So, here a few days after making this change, I can say that the repurposed towels are working out really well and are getting a lot of use. And, paper consumption in the house has already slowed down to almost non-existent.

So far, a success on the road to simplifying and reducing. Very satisfying indeed 🙂


Note: for the best, long-term hanging string-free results, plan to hem the edges of the towels, as over time, they will, in fact get stringy.  But the pinking shears work great for the short-term, time-is-of-the-essence situation 🙂