Human nature is such that we would prefer to live in a happy, contented state most of the time. Sun shining, skipping down the sidewalk, brushing the leaves aside with our passing, as the birds chirp and cheer us on. Ah, contentment, sheer bliss.

And yet, while the state of contentment is a desired one, and often sought after with tenacity, it is not reasonable to think this is all that life will be.

Because we love others, and form attachments, the basis of our survival beginning from our experiences as infants, we are vulnerable to loss, and as such, grief, and struggle.

Grief is a very difficult emotion to embrace. Facing the loss of a loved one is likely one of the most difficult things we encounter. It can be a very lonely place to sit and allow this emotion to permeate our being. Many people don’t deal with this process very well, and push grief away, bury it deep inside of them. It is too painful, and they think it will go away.

Guess what? It won’t.

Though painful now, addressing it in the now, keeps it from rearing its head later.  It is through such difficult times, when we embrace them, that we grow and deepen as human beings. We develop deeper compassion for others. We become stronger people, and with it comes a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. May this provide comfort through those dark nights of the soul.

Sarah McLachlan does  a beautiful job writing and performing her songs, and her lyrics can be palpably heartfelt. I am posting a link to her song, World on Fire, which I think illustrates the experience of grief and struggle in a poignant, powerful way.

Hearts are worn in these dark ages
you’re not alone in this story’s pages
the light has fallen amongst the living and the dying
and I’ll try to hold it in, yeah I’ll try to hold it in

The world’s on fire and
it’s more than I can handle
I’ll tap into the water
try and bring my share
I try to bring more
more than I can handle
bring it to the table
bring what I am able

I watch the heavens but I find no calling
something I can do to change what’s coming
stay close to me while the sky is falling
don’t wanna be left alone, don’t wanna be alone

Hearts break, hearts mend
love still hurts
visions clash, planes crash
still there’s talk of
saving souls, still the cold
is closing in on us

We part the veil on our killer sun
stray from the straight line on this short run
the more we take, the less we become
the fortune of one that means less for some