Love. Hearts. Red. Doilies. Valentines. Roses. Candies. Chocolates. Valentine’s Day conjures up all sorts of associations. It’s holiday that uncoupled people dread.

Walking into the grocery store to pick up some beverages and a movie. Facing the barrage of red balloons and roses that subtly cue customers that they are missing out if they don’t partake in the mylar mirage.

A more mindful approach might be to make the day matter in a way that seems genuine. Expressing appreciation to those individuals who matter. Sending cards in the mail. Making old fashioned-looking valentines. Finding some “You’re one in a million” chocolate dollar bills. There is always occasion to say “thank you” to others or “I’m thinking of you” to whoever matters to you. Who does not like knowing that someone is thinking about them, really?

Love really does change the world. One thank you, I appreciate you, I love you at a time. Spreading little bits of love all around us.

Note: I will keep things short and sweet today. Stay tuned for a lovely under-recognized song that I will plan to post tomorrow. Hope you like it 🙂