Winding down the weekend, the day after Valentine’s Day, seems like a good time to post a mellow song.  One of Johnny Cash’s songs that does not get much air play or recognition, seems like an apt selection. Anyone who has followed Cash knows Ring of Fire, I Walk the Line, and Man in Black. And of course there are classics he has sung with his wife June, like Jackson.

Don’t You Think It’s Come Our Time is a really sweet duet that Johnny and June sing together about love. Certainly, most people can relate to starting a relationship and that early phase in its development. Common in the courtship phase of a relationship, the couple is experiencing and sings about their attraction to each other, picking wild roses, filling empty vases. Nice and natural references. Nice metaphors, too.

The prize line of the song, sung in the chorus, is a bit of poetry worth noting:

let’s gather up
our scattered words of love and
make them rhyme.

I have picked wild roses far into September
but I had no one to give the flowers to
I needed the celebration, a September coronation
and I admitted to myself I needed you

I’ve watched the gentle wind change the color shades of meadows
I seen the dew on flowers that had no name
but I let my vase stay empty like my lonely empty heart
but pickin’ flowers for yourself is not the same

don’t you think it’s come our time to be together
let’s gather up our scattered words of love and make them rhyme
let’s go pick some flowers now and fill our empty vases
don’t you think it’s come our time

would you take this small bouquet that leave a fragrance on my fingers
and a feeling that your love is close at hand
thank you for the flowers now let’s walk through the meadows
through the brook where our demands caress the sands

Thanks, June and Johnny for that lovely duet. A lovely legacy that will live on.