This morning I awoke to the sound of a “bling” coming from my WordPress app.  Another like or follower, or something good. I decided to rise in the darkness, in our new home for the week, a lovely top floor apartment in a large home near the coast of Maine.  I notice the stillness of the morning, and the quietness.  Not many cars, or risers.  Lights in surrounding homes are dark.  I wonder what everyone is doing.  Sleeping I guess.  Maybe doing yoga in the dark?

A bakery sits across the street.  Hosting a steady stream of traffic since about 6:15.  Christmas lights glow, outlining the roofs of the small fire house and service station across the street.  Welcoming us and everyone who passes.  The sunrise is peeking pink over the ocean, hidden still from our view.  A short walk away, and on our adventure list for today.

Collections of sea glass, ocean rocks and shells nestle on surfaces of our home.  Gathering them, a clear favorite pass time of the inhabitants.  While no sizeable yard at the house, one can imagine that vast playground at the sea, a stone’s throw away. – late December 2014