Being an adult comes with many responsibilities. We are responsible to our families, friends, spouses and partners, communities, and to ourselves. Staying present to our lives and the lives of others helps us tune in to when something is not quite right, or missing, or when our hearts yearn for something else. Then we can continue to notice this until it makes us down right uncomfortable.

As the niggling for change starts as a whisper in our ears, if we stay present to it, can become a roaring river in our lives. We then face a choice: go back to sleep/stay on autopilot or change our trajectory.

Staying the course is the easy thing to do. Routines are established, schedules are known, the mailperson is familiar, the neighbors do what they do. The movie theatre lists its weekly schedule, the fare at your favoite restaurant is good! Holiday traditions persist from year-to-year. It is all very, well, consistent. And with time, likely somewhat dull.

It takes courage to make changes when life seems a bit mundane, or when one yearns for something more, deeper, different. Making a big change to live a more full life will likely be a scary proposition at times, a process full of many unknowns. And so to progress forward, one must wade through the fear. And in so doing, one becomes braver, more confident, more able to make needed changes in the future. It is flexing a muscle of sorts.

Anais Nin’s apt quote seems appropriate as we explore change and good byes. “Life shrinks and expands according to our courage.” We can stay the course and have an okay life. Or we can take risks and make changes to live an extraordinary one.

Imagine the future, when you are an elderly person, sitting on your front porch in your favorite chair, or sitting in the park on your favoite bench. What do you regret about your life? What dreams have you not pursued? What could you have done differently when you had the abilities and time to make these changes?

And so I leave you with a challenge: why not make those things happen soon? Why not make needed changes and say a good bye to aspects of your life you would benefit from changing?

The good byes are up to you 🙂