Embracing our potential and living a life true to our centers, is a joyful experience. Doing what we love, surrounding ourselves with people we love, and letting the criticisms and judgements go is at the heart of a happy life.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where individuals are victimized by others through hate, harsh criticism, ostracizing, narcississm, social exclusion, jealousy and many other forms of self-limiting behaviors.  These behaviors stem from short-sightedness and lack of insight and compassion on the part of those who engage in them.

Acceptance of and compassion for others is at the heart of healing and creating healthy families and communities. This is what we wish to pass on to those around us and pass down through the generations. We can begin this path by first accepting ourselves and recognizing that we all have our gifts to give. And then, love blooms . . . .

I am posting a song that reinforces this message, Shake it off, which I hope brightens your spirit.  I really like Us the Duo‘s version and video, as it depicts damaging messages that young people experience that take a toll on their well-being, and it provides some hope as well.

Given that Taylor Swift wrote the original song I am posting the link to that video, which is entertaining and upbeat.  Be your kind, authentic self and remember to shake it off when you need to 🙂