the landscape frosty. The coffee pot gurgles in the background, while I pull on my coat. Mr. B, my enthusiastic Australian Shephard, does his usual morning prance, excited that the house is waking. Turning dark circles around me, he waits to go outside.

As the door opens a fresh burst of chill greets us and we tumble outside. My dog bolts towards the meadow, as I rest the half-full coffee mug on the steps. Rugged and dependable, this lobster-bearing cup clinks on the stone. A steady companion, it has held many morning kick-starts.

Ambling into the field, I gaze around for Mr. B’s short, stumpy, tail stuck straight up into the air. This amusing view I have witnessed many times, head and torso out of sight as he investigates the scents and creatures around him. Hopeful I will spot him, he is nowhere in view.

Exploring the meadow with my camera in tow, I enjoy the morning quiet. Stopping at times to call for my dog, only silence responds.


After lingering for a few more moments, I head back towards home to see if Mr. B might be waiting for me there.  A dark puff of fur sniffs near the door and appears to be waiting to go back inside.

Approaching my dog I give him a few relieved pats. Then, reaching for my mug, I notice it’s emptiness, dark spots sloshed all over it. Puzzled for a moment, should I be surprised?  My prancey puppy has discovered the wonders of cinnamon in his coffee.  Aarff.  Aarff!


Part of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning