With Thanksgiving in the recent past, and the first day of December upon us, I have been thinking about those things for which I am grateful.  Looming large in my mind, is the gratitude I feel for the fortitude to make changes in life when change needs to happen.

My family made a pretty big transition to leave an area of the country that deep down we felt did not fit us and the things we wanted out of our lives. And so we made the very conscious decision to move to the state of Maine, an area where natural beauty abounds and a place we felt we could raise our children with joy and enthusiasm for our environment.

Looking through some photos this morning I found the featured image in my stash that I took earlier this year when we were contemplating the move. The image of my gleeful children dashing through the snow with the stark landscape behind them encapsulates and validates what my husband and I were entertaining. Their movements in the snow said it all. “Yes! Yes! We love this place!” Joy eminating out of their beings as the cold pierced our cheeks. I knew we would be making the right decision to move to this region of the country.

These signs are all around us if we watch for them. Ways the greater Universe reflects back to us our desires and decisions, and confirms that we are on the right track. We see what we are seeking.

A good fit is a lot for which to be grateful. Like a glove to our hand, a shoe to our foot. Our life to our soul . . . .