As we move closer to the first of January, it is customary for many of us to think about ways we would like for our life to improve, change, take a different direction.  Turning the page of the calendar.  The turning of a new leaf.

The New Year can be a wonderful time to look a bit inward.  And while we really don’t have to make hard and fast resolutions per se, I think there is value in reflecting on the state of our lives.  It is a great time to set some personal goals, family goals or professional goals.

So what would you like to be more mindful of this next year?  Take some fun family outings?  Eat more vegetables?  Drink more tea?  Get outside?   Prioritize time with beloved friends?  Take a yoga class?  Tap in to your creativity?  Involve yourself in making your community a better place?

Your New Year’s path is for you to choose.  May you enjoy the journey!