Today is such a milestone!  The last day of the year!  The 365th day, to be exact.


Well, by midnight, we will have lived another 8,760 hours of experiences this year.  Eight thousand and sixty hours.  That is a chunk of time right there!

Now, granted, we were sleeping during some of those hours.  Or should have been at least.  So, let’s make an allowance accordingly, to subtract 2,190 hours from that total for sleeping an average of six hours per night.  Really, though, we should have been getting more like eight hours of sleep.  But since I am not your mom, that lecture will not leave my lips.

With an average of 6,570 hours remaining outside of slumber, how did that time go?

Did you look forward to each day, get up and greet the morning with enthusiasm?  Were you so in the habit of doing what you do everyday, that you simply were indifferent and did not think about how you felt at all?  Or did you actually dread another day of the monotony that somehow does not feel like your life?

Life does not have to validate Henry David Thoreau’s famous phrase “The mass of (humans) lead lives of quiet desperation.”  Thank goodness for that!

I challenge you to take a few moments to think about what would make the next year a contented one for you.  What would be satisfying if it were included in your life?  What would make you feel more peaceful?  More at ease?

Happiness is a drop in the fountain, rings moving outward from you to those in your life.  You are the center.  So, what are you going to do about it?

My very best wishes to you and yours on this New Year’s Eve.