So here we are.  The first day of the New Year!  Today marks a beginning and a continuation.  At the cusp of 2016 we can look forward to an unchartered year of our lives, with days that have yet to be.

Traveling that journey we will carry our backpacks filled with memorable  experiences, triumphs, heart breaks, life lessons, encounters with others  and all of those happenings and occurrences that have shaped us into the people we are today.

As we stand at the crest of the new year, how will we set our intention?  How do we wish to proceed?  What path will we take?  How will we charter our course?

I know for myself, I plan to spend an abundance of time outside in the natural beauty, spend time with family and friends, and work on my writing projects, as well as continue to write at ClunkyShoe.

ClunkyShoe has been an inspiration in my life, that I have vastly enjoyed creating and sharing with others.  I hope you have enjoyed it, too.  Please consider letting others know about this site if you have appreciated it.  Also, I would love to hear from readers about what you have enjoyed here and what you would like to see more of or hear more about over the next year.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and liking posts on this blog.  Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Happy New Year!  May it be an inspiring adventure!