Once she had finished her hot chocolate, feeling warm, grateful and a bit hyped up on sugar,  Shirley Squirrely charged on her way.  As she took off down the driveway she almost hit a very large dog.  Putting on her squirrel brakes she barely avoided a collision leg on.

Wow.  That was close.

The dog was really big.  From her squirrelly vantage point, he looked like a gigantic, cuddly teddy bear.  If he weren’t so huge, and if he were not an animal that had been known to hunt her species, she might have given him a big bear hug.  But she was not going to be anyone’s dinner tonight.

The Bear Dog  casually looked her way and twitched his nose back and forth as he sized her up.  “Long way from your home, Miss Squirrel?” he asked in a deep summoning voice.