Bear Dog blinked. Was Shirley Squirrely taking him seriously at all?  Wasn’t he was the one who was supposed to be asking the questions around here?  Well, no harm in playing along.

“Glad we have had a proper introduction, then, Ms. Shirley Squirrely Extraordinaire. Your name has a certain ring to it. Still, I know not from whence you have come.”

Shirley paused, her paw suspended in air, while she considered her options.  She could assume goodwill.  Prepare for malevolence.  Run for her life.  Hmmmmmm . . . .

“I am a citizen of the World. I come from nowhere, and yet, I belong everywhere. My mother was a star in the Universe, and I am made up of her dust, and all stardust.”

“You and I?” she continued, “we are fellow travelers on this journey. Sharing threads from the same celestial cloth.

Bear Dog’s head was starting to hurt from the enormity of it all. On a cosmic level it all made sense, he supposed.  But, then, didn’t that reduce him to the size of a grain of sand or smaller, as he faced the notion of the Universe before him?

Sitting in denial, while continuing to chase pesky squirrels, was a much easier prospect.  As he pondered his options, Shirley’s little voice broke in to his big thoughts.

It has been lovely talking with you.  Now if you will excuse me, I have a bus to catch.” With that, she swept her tail around and sprayed a dusting of snow on Bear Dog’s snout as she scampered away.

Bear Dog laid down on the snow as he watched her leave. Feeling a bit sad to see her go, he had a lot to mull through. And all of that on account of one eloquent squirrel . . . .