there is a room . . . .

Out at a community event last weekend, this image caught my eye and I stopped to capture it with my camera in the freezing cold.   It had gotten down to well below zero and would be dropping even colder to fourteen below in the nights to come.  There was something poignant to me about a red tinsel heart on a black door at street level next to the sidewalk,  where pedestrians and cars would be moving past all day long.

Seeing this heart, I wondered about the story of it.  Who put it there?  Why?  Where had it come from?  Had it been a gift?  How many people had witnessed it?  Did others appreciate the effort to hang it on the door?

Or, on the contrary, did they think, “Eww, tinsel.  So, like, yesterday.”


What if all of us hung tinsel hearts on our doors during the month of February and everyday?  Would we feel more love?  Would we smile at the hearts that surrounded us everywhere?  Would we remember to tell others we loved them and show our appreciation more often?  Would the earth’s pulse then grow stronger and bloom more love all around?

I don’t really know.

But I love the thought of it.  Growing the love, one tinsel heart at a time . . . .


The featured image reference is of Billy Joel’s lovely ballad, “And So It Goes.”

In every heart there is a room

a sanctuary safe and strong . . . .

I spoke to you in cautious tones

you answered me with no pretense . . . .