and the process in between . . . .

Arriving at the school, we looked for creative ways to park as the entire lot and side roads were lined with cars.   Voters were turning out in huge numbers to the democratic caucus.  Once inside, it was clear there would be a wait as the line was long.

This was our first experience attending a caucus, where voters cast their vote by standing publicly on their candidate’s side of the room, and then were counted.  The division in the room was clear and open and . . . peaceful.

Undecideds were instructed to sit in the middle of the room where they could listen to the points of views of those impassioned voters who were moved enough to go before the room to speak in favor of their candidate.  Arguments were heartfelt, well-thought out and respectful.  Individuals present listened respectfully to those views presented as well.

The process was out in the open, divergent and respectful.  What an incredible life experience:  speaking up for what we believe, being ourselves, being heard, being respected, being different and yet being in this together as fellow human beings.

Contrast this to going into a booth, pulling the curtain, and carefully hunching over the ballet ticket.  Private, secret, and not engaging with the larger political body.  Leaving the booth unchallenged and unchanged.

Being a part of this democratic process was truly inspiring.  If we could apply these principles on a personal, local, state, national and international level, what an amazing step forward it would be . . . .