Writing is one way we can get to know ourselves. Down this avenue, we translate our ephemeral thoughts, intangible musings, and fleeting feelings into language for the page.  Something is created that before did not exist. A poem is penned.  An essay constructed. A story born. Enduring gifts . . .

Having an idea, wrestling with it, and getting it down on paper, is no small feat. Trust, patience, endurance, and perseverance are ingredients for the mix. One must trust in the story waiting to be told, have patience to keep working, and the endurance and perseverance to stick with the process and not give up!

The beauty of the form is that through our writing we immortalize a thought, a memory, an experience and channel it into the realm of the real, the concrete, the tangible. A challenging, meaningful process exists in between, and, if we choose to engage with it, can reward us with great benefits. With the final product, if we have stayed true to ourselves, we are left with a gem, forever.

“How much gold can you find, if you never go mining. They say that wine gets better if you let it breathe, oh the deeper the digging, the sweeter the finding. I want to know what’s underneath.”

Maia Sharp, in her song Underneath, speaks about wanting to get to know herself on a deeper level. Singing of gold, mining, a broken heart and unchartered waters she challenges us to get to know ourselves, or else, there is a price to pay.

“I never could shake my shadow of doubt. And the only heart I ever really broke was mine.”

Living life intentionally means knowing and staying present to our truth. Our desires. Yearnings. Inklings. Joys. Tuning into ourselves on the page is one meaningful and enduring way to make this happen.