Nature bloomed around me as I started my morning walk.  Mother Earth, long since awake, held the birds flitting the atmosphere, while they sung carelessly.  Calmed, the young leaves were restless and busy.  Their mother’s breath, a deep fresh contended sigh for all that was going right with her children.

Happy to be in her presence, I continued to walk past neighbors’ homes, driveways and meadows, appreciating openness, space and raw beauty.  A large, blue plastic grocery bag crinkled in my pocket.  The sound, a reminder that Mother Earth does not feel everyone’s embrace.

Arriving near the river, I look for that discarded trash I had encountered on a previous walk.  Fast food refuse, cigarette packages, beer bottles, cans.  Seven or eight single-serving chocolate milk containers clumped together, consumed and abandoned on the side of the road, far from a recycling bin.

One can imagine the mental excuses used to make it all okay.  No one is watching, so hey, it doesn’t matter where I put my trash.  Personal responsibility towards the Earth?  Whaaa?  One and the same as our planet?  Seriously, now.  Mother Earth, watching?  Where?  Starting to get a little nervous now.

Personal responsibility is a sign of maturity.  We all need it to function as healthy adults and to have good relationships with others, including Mother Earth.  Don’t fool yourself by thinking no one will know, and no one is watching.  They are . . .

Remember, your Momma is watching you, and she is not happy!  Pick up your darn trash!