Realistically, the answer is probably not.  Having too many things represents constraint,  becomes confining.  Slows us down . . .

Acquiring more, better, faster can be a slippery slope and often a symptom of unhappiness.  What may help you feel better in the short-term, usually wears off in time, and the unhappiness returns.

A consuming  mindset is additionally problematic in that acquisitions requires all sorts of accompaniments. Items need a storage place. Become one more thing, that, if moved, need to be moved back or picked up off of the floor, counter, table or couch. Need to be dusted, cleaned, maintained.

If lost, that thing requires time to find.  May require batteries or a power source of some kind.  A “simple” acquisition becomes a much larger responsibility, and is not so simple  . . .

More energy is required to keep up with your stuff instead of doing the things that can bring personal satisfaction and fulfillment.  Wouldn’t it be nice to read a good book, instead?  Spend time outside in the natural beauty?  Have a cookout with friends?  A dinner party with colleagues?  Contact a dear one you haven’t seen in a while?

Ridding yourself and your family of what you don’t really need saves time, space  and energy.  More than you might think. How many times have we felt we needed to spend a portion of the weekend cleaning, instead of getting out and having some fun?

Having only what we need frees us up to spend our time consciously.

Letting go of things, is at its essence, a spiritual exercise. It is getting rid of distraction. Being okay with yourself. Focusing on what really matters.

Do you really need that?

Probably not.

What a great opportunity to donate it to a good cause and ultimately to someone who really could use it? Not only would that be simplifying,  but recycling at its finest. Seems like it can’t get much better that!


Note: Stay tuned for more tips for living an authentic, fulfilling life . . .