on the side of the road . . .

Having a favorite song or playlist to listen to from your phone at the start of the week, can help with the Monday transition, and lift you up to a happy place.

The soundtrack to kids’ movie Despicable Me 2, is a great pick-me-up.  Fun, funny and encouraging, aptly describe many of the songs from that movie.


On my morning walk I have listened to the soundtrack, not just on Mondays, but on many days.  My spouse rolls his eyes and asks incredulously,  “Are you listening to the Despicable Me soundtrack again?”

Really, this is a rhetorical question.  I smile back and move on my way . . .

The soundtrack’s tempo is great for exercise, and the beat is irresistible.   Because those songs are so uplifting, I admit, I cannot help but break out into dance while walking or jogging down the side of the road.  I repeat.  Down the side of the road.

Think I’m kidding?

Trying not to scare anyone, I dance discreetly, when cars are not in sight.  Moving side-to-side, up and down, “cross-training” to those upbeat songs, I tell myself.  Failing miserably to conceal my enthusiasm, I am pretty sure my daughter’s friend and her parent passed me one morning on the way to school, as did at least two other neighbors on other occasions.  Busted!

But really, there is no judgment about it.  And I doubt that I really scared anyone, except maybe for my spouse, and he’s used to it.  Those beautiful mornings I can hope that passerbys were thinking.  “Oh, she’s so happy!  Good for her!”  Smiling as they moved along, forgetting about it as the day passed.

Or, maybe, they were disturbed by the scenario, wondering what I drank in my orange juice.  To address that question head on, no worries there.  Orange juice is rarely found in my refrigerator.

Or maybe they thought, “I’ll have what she’s having!”

Perhaps by-passers were tickled by the impromptu dancing, and they reflected on it during the day, wishing they danced more often . . .

In the spirit of community, you are officially invited to today’s Happy Monday Dance  Party!  The more the merrier and plenty of music for everyone!

Ready to go?  Hit the play button, please!

–CeeLo Green

Some say stories don’t always end perfect
That’s imperfect
Cause I can show you how to make your worst day
Feel like your birthday
The kind of funny only you can discover
If you’re interested
Do what I do and please join me

Get down, get up, get in aisle
Hope you ain’t in a rush, we’re gonna be here for a while
Hey hey, jump around and sweat
Where’s the loudest section
-right here!
Where’s the loudest section
-right here!
Old people you should just leave
‘Cause me and the kids gonna scream

It’s all about illumination
That’s what’s based in option
Don’t you know every single dream is worth chasing?
The thought is amazing
‘Cause it’s ok to be you and to be other
Oh are you listening?
Do what I do and please join me


Just dance, and don’t you let nobody get in your way
Hey you
I don’t care what they do or what they say
Well, unless I guess it’s sure that I’m other
Grab them by the wrist
Then make them do what they do in this place to be
And see!


Happy Monday!

Thank you CeeLo Green for assisting us in our quest for positivity and invigorating exercise!


Note: The Despicable Me 2 soundtrack can be found on Spotify.  Also, above I have posted a YouTube link to the song Scream.

More happy stories to come . . .  🙂