Life is filled with beauty.  Mystery.  And apparently, so are our refrigerators . . .

Early this morning I went to the fridge to start some boiled eggs.


Before we proceed, do you notice the subject confusion here, likely attributable to a lack of morning coffee?  To be clear, I didn’t go to the fridge to boil the eggs, because we all know that is not possible. But, I went to the fridge to get some eggs so that I could begin the process of boiling them.

Pulling out the carton, and placing it on the counter, I opened it in the ordinary way I always do.  But today, this carton was a bit extraordinary. Selecting a slightly speckled, light brown egg from the huddle, I noticed the milk that dripped from the bottom of it.

Drip. Drip.

Puzzled, I picked up another.

Drip. Drop.

And another.

Drip, drop, drip . . .

Noting the rhythmic pattern of a clapping game, I plucked more eggs from the container.

Drip, drop, drip, drop, drip, drip, drip . . .

In shock and disbelief I discovered that we had a situation.  The mysterious milk pooled in the bottom of the entire egg carton.


And yet . . . wondrous.  

How did this happen?

And, why?

In a strange turn of events, were the eggs laying their own milk? (ding)

Had a chicken collided with a cow? (ding)

In protest of fridge conditions, were the orbs staging an uprising, one milkdrop at a time? (ding)


Quite simply, there is beauty in the unknowing . . .


Finally, I solved the mystery, clue by leaky clue.

But, really, that story would not be a story worth reading.  Dull, dull, dull . . .

And no one here is about to write the story of a dull egg . . .

Consider this

the end.


(In an effort to get to the other side, may our inner chickens accept that we are simply crossing the road . . . ) 🙂  Have a great day!