is quite the happy combination at Prescott Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  This summer, parts of the park resemble the ocean, as a theatre stage hosts performances with fish, turtles, gulls, a shiny crab, water elements, an underwater king, and a mermaid, too . . .

At the beautiful setting for the forty-second Prescott Park Arts Festival, we discovered a gem last weekend when we stumbled upon the opening weekend performance of The Little Mermaid.  The show was an amazing one, as a full production complete with incredible costuming, operettic voices and a cast of fifty people!

Visiting the town for an event at Strawbery Banke Historic Museum, we toured the grounds there for about two hours, until we took a street detour that led us to Prescott Park as the performance was about to begin.  Families huddled on their blankets or sat in their lawn chairs, and the snack bar was open for business.  This sunny afternoon boats cruised by on the river, as the wind blew about the stage curtains, giving the show an enhanced three-dimensional effect.

A magical opening weekend, my family really enjoyed the show and it was fun to participate in the community event.  Presented by C&J Bus Lines, the production was quite engaging and professionally performed.  There was no fixed cost to attending, as a donation was accepted at the gates.

Little girls attended in their princess costumes and danced next to the stage.  And to top it all off?  Prescott Park hosts a large outdoor lego table, which we visited after the show.  Could an afternoon get any better than this?  The magic was everywhere!

Prescott Park Arts Festival is a great summer event worth checking out.  Little Mermaid performances run through the summer, Thursdays through Sunday evenings, with some matinees included as well.  You can check the schedule for those times at the link above.

The park is hosting outdoor concerts as well, including Lucinda Williams and Aoife O’Donovan.  Visit Portsmouth for the day, hitting Strawbery Banke in the morning, then head to The Little Mermaid for an afternoon or evening show.  Catch a bite to eat at one of the many quaint restaurants in the historic area of Portsmouth.

You will surely have a lovely day!  And, with the enchantment of those beautiful theatrical moments, you might, just maybe, grow your very own mermaid tail . . .