Choosing to live intentionally, it is amazing how much can change in a relatively short time.  Two years ago I was living in an area that did not suit me at a soul-level, as for me, it lacked the sparkle and luster I like to have about me in my daily life.

Two years ago when I wrote my Fourth of July post, Red, White and Blue (and Gold),  I was reminiscing about summertimes I had spent in New England, an area I dearly love, having left for a job after college.  Last year’s post, Fourth Happy, I referenced my move back to New England, having felt as if I had found Nirvana returning home.  And pretty much, that was that.  I was happy.

This year the Fourth of July has been a peaceful, easy one, mostly centered around having family time and leisurely mornings.  Spending lots of time outside talking, playing and reading.   Time at home interspersed with fun outings to charming Maine towns has been an ideal holiday weekend.

Saturday we trekked to Bath Maine’s Heritage Days, where we watched the Fireman’s Muster, a contest to see which fireman’s crew could send their stream of water the farthest using people power to pump the antique engines.  One of the musters we observed sent the water cascading 197 feet!  Holy Batman, Firemen!

The Fireman’s Muster, the large library book sale, music in the park, and the artisan’s booths made for a worthwhile trip to the beautiful, historic town.  Plus, how often does one view a town hall draped in its own parade of flags?

On the way out of town we, of course, stopped for ice cream at the very busy, Dot’s Ice Cream Shop, which stocks many flavors of soft-serve, hard ice cream and frozen yogurt.  What a delicious afternoon!

Wishing my American friends a Happy Fourth of July weekend.  Remembering words from the soulful song of Aiofe O’Donovan, Red, White, Blue and Gold, which you can find at the link above, on YouTube, or Spotify:

Red and white and blue and gold
I wanna wait for the water to touch my toes
it’s the Fourth of July.

Aiofe also wrote a song called Fire Engine.  How apt for this writing occasion!  And just a reminder that O’Donovan will be performing at Prescott Park Arts Festival in Portsmouth, New Hampshire this summer.  That is certain to be a great show!