Zucchinis will triumph over zombies every time.  Why?  Because in the end, love of zucchini always wins.

Seriously, have you ever tried Zombie Lemon Linguine?  Curried Zombie Soup?  Zombie Herb Casserole?  Potato and Zombie Frittata?  Mom’s Zombie Muffins?  Zombie Gratin?

Eeeeekkkk!  Even the thought of it leaves me running and screaming for more zucchini!

Vermont is growing some seriously huge zucchinis that are taking over gardens everywhere.  But even so, I would take a zucchini over a zombie anytime (in case I did not make that very clear).

Zucchinis join us in the summer. They rest quietly under the fan of large leaves.   They ask for little, maybe some sunlight and a bit or rain now and then.  Zucchinis love us no matter what.  Can we say the same about zombies?  Let’s get out there and support our local zucchinis!

Why did the zombie cross the road?  I’ll give you a hint.  It has something to do with zucchinis!  Here’s another hint: to get ahead of the zucchini apocalypse, here are some sure fire zombie remedies that are very good for the soul.

Note: The zucchinis in the photo are real and have not been genetically or otherwise altered in any way.  Happy Friday!  🙂