The garden is ripening and the bounty has begun.  Walking outside to harvest a few vegetables for dinner is inspiring for me as a gardener.  Getting back into gardening this year has been a experiment full of fun successes and try-again-next-year resolutions. 

It has been interesting to figure out how to best utilize the vegetables and to peruse recipes in search of fresh meals.  Last night for dinner I incorporated some frozen mahi mahi I had in the freezer, as the main course of the meal, having pulled it out to defrost in the morning.  I found a scrumptous recipe for Pesto Crushed Mahi Mahi on Jessie’s blog Life as a Strawberry, and was excited to try it.

Using some of Gramma’s handmade pesto, I chopped bread ends I keep in the freezer for the purpose of making crutons or breadcrumbs, added an egg for some additional binding,  and some parmesan cheese, a favorite of my spouse.

Once the bread crumb topping was added to the top of the Mahi Mahi, the fish cooked in about fifteen minutes, while I was preparing the rest of the meal.  Chopped potatoes, garlic and parsley were cooking in the iron skillet, and once they were done I started the French Breakfast Radishes, which have become one of my new summer favorites.

Reading about French Breakfast Radishes early this spring in my seed catalogue, I decided to order them, as I liked the sound of the mild flavor and I was curious about the taste of them.  Little did I know that when it was time to harvest them I would be pulling seven-inch beauties from the ground!

Once sliced, these radishes take but a few moments to sauté, and this go-round I added some basil from the garden to make a colorful side for the meal.  Snap peas were ready to harvest as well, and so I served them fresh and uncooked with dinner, with a bit of ranch dressing on the side.  (I love them this way, but, as I learned at dinner, I was the only one!)  Next time I will cook them up as well.

Overall, my family was quite impressed with dinner.  My spouse raised his eye brows a few times during the meal and commented upon how much he liked the fish.  And really, he doesn’t much like the taste of fish in general.  Which is why I was looking for a particularly scrumptious Mahi Mahi recipe.  And see?  It all worked out for the best, and everyone was happy. 🙂