Today is a special day as I celebrate the decision I made to start writing clunkyshoe six years ago. The featured image on this post is reminiscent of the one featured on my inaugural post, The Start of Something.

I am not sure anyone even read the post, and I am not sure I really wanted anyone to, but it was a momentous day for me as I committed to taking on a project that would grow up with my children and accompany me through life’s changes, heartbreaks and triumphs.

Reading back to those early days I love this first title, as it really reflects what the beginning was: a start that I had no idea where it would go. But because I was inspired by the idea of creating something and putting it out into the world, I started anyway. And this creative process has been a journey of self-discovery and courage.

During this six years, I wrote consistently for the first two, stopped for two due to technology issues, and because I missed it so much, resumed, and have written fairly consistently since.

Making the time to keep up this project has required commitment, dedication, and perseverance.  Rising very early to fit in writing time, and finishing posts at late hours of the night. But because I have found the experience to be so rewarding,  I embrace the challenges that accompany the pursuit.

What inspires and motivates me each day, is the beauty I see around me. That is what I love to capture and write about. What I want to put out into the world is BEAUTY.

Life can be hard and filled with struggle, but as long as we can find the beautiful in each day and appreciate what lies around us, I find we can stay inspired and maintain our inner peace.

I have asked myself many times along the way, “Why bother? Who cares?” At these moments it can be easy to give up.

The point is, if we care, we should bother.

We should pursue the thing that we are willing to get up early for and to stay up late for, and to give our all to, because it invigorates us. Because we get busy, times get hard, and it can be easy to put things we care about on the back burner where we can forget about them.

But to stay true to the essence of who we are as people and to our life’s purpose, we need to stick to our passion and our vision. We have to keep working and believing in ourselves, even when it is difficult.

That is what gets us through.

Years later, since the inception of clunkyshoe, I don’t really think of myself as a blogger, per se. I think of myself as a creator, and I think of the blog as a place where I post images and experiences I find impactful, meaningful, beautiful . . . it is a portfolio of sorts of the work that I value in my life. Each photo is an encapsulation of an inspiring encounter.

Going forward, I plan to continue to post beautiful images, write about meaningful moments, and  take steps towards simplifying and reducing the impact on the environment.  I will continue to write about moving music, local happenings, and books or articles that seem particularly salient.

I am grateful for the followers and readers of clunkyshoe. It is a diverse bunch with readership from around the world.  I am pleased to welcome friends into the ranks as well. You all inspire me to keep creating.

Readership continues to grow and I am okay with that. Although I will never meet most of the people who read clunkyshoe, I hope this site offers a peaceful respite from a busy day, and adds some inspiration to everyday existence.

Today’s picture was captured last month at a local beach halfway across the country from the site of the inaugural photo, as we have moved in the intervening years.  The circumstance of the photo was similar, in that a family set up a near replica of the  umbrella situated near us six years ago.  But this time I was accompanied by my two children, instead of one.  It all felt like deja-vu.

That moment I appreciated the clarity and the triumphs that my family has experienced in the between years.  I am grateful for the mirror that writing provides, and for that gift that propels us forward in life towards those things that are important to us.

Life has a way of coming full circle, and I am happy to celebrate the occasion of a full circle today.  Here is a link to my first post on clunkyshoe if you are interested in it.

Best wishes and thank you for reading!