Reducing household waste is a whittling away process that can be quite rewarding.  Last year I started making and packing cotton napkins in school lunch boxes.  Because those napkins were enjoyed throughout the year, I expanded the efforts this year.

Our household has been using cloth napkins for a number of years now, and so the move to cotton napkins for lunches seemed like a logical next step.  Cloth napkins may seem cumbersome, but they can be really elegant and feel nicer than sending in the paper napkins of our past.

This year the kids picked out fabric patterns they liked and I sewed two new sets of napkins.  The kids love the festive, bright colors and enjoy the change in patterns throughout the week.  Recycling and reusing is cool enough for school!

If you would like to order some sets for your kiddos or as gifts send me a message.  I am in the process of sewing more with a variety of designs.  My effort toward making the world a greener place one napkin at a time . . . 🙂