Boldly parked behind a building as the sign warned against it, this beauty of the past gleamed in the light of day.   Feeling joy at the irony of it was easy, seeing it parked there, as if in opposition to the loud message posted near it.  This pristine Chevy, tucked away mostly out view, seemed like a missed opportunity for the pubic-at-large.  This is what was going through my mind that day on the way to a family dinner in Maine.

Currently, the photograph takes on additional meaning as it reminds me of the defiance and social unrest that is happening right now in Charlotte, North Carolina. The desire to be seen and heard, no longer able to continue on being silenced and marginalized in a land that folks could call home, if it were in fact, welcoming to them.

This  image represents the need for inclusion of all members of our society.  It serves as a reminder that we are all different, and should be.  We bring our unique gifts to the table of humanity where we are stronger as a people, because we are all represented and have voices that are heard, informed by our unique perspectives and experiences.

We cannot grow as a culture until we are trustworthy as individuals, groups and governing bodies.  We cannot come together until we choose to respect others, keep confidences, and speak up as people are behaving poorly and being mistreated.  Really, we need to love and accept others.  It seems like such a simple thing.

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