What is orange, has sharp teeth, weighs five hundred and fifty pounds, and is a carnivore, too?  The answer was revealed at this year’s Punkinfiddle Festival, where seeing was believing, as there in the midst, was something ghoulish, massive, and well, squash!

Artist Maurice Auger created a pumpkin intrigue, which drew much interest, disbelief and  inspection from by-passers.  The Greek Revival Laudholm Farm was the perfect backdrop for the toothy display at Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve, located in Wells, Maine.

Certainly the sculpture was a great conversation piece.  One can imagine how those talks might have gone.  Is that really made out of a pumpkin?  What kind of creature is that?  Who belongs to the hand?  Where is the rest of him? How many teeth are in there?  Anything else?  How many loaves of pumpkin bread could be made out of that?    Well, just kidding on the last one . . . 🙂

Your guesses are as good as mine . . .  maybe the Creature swallowed the PumpkinFiddler?  I hope not!  He surely needs those hands!

Happy Halloween!  Hope you have a deliciously ghoulish evening!

Included in the Daily Post Challenge:  Eerie