Today herstory is in the making as Americans enter the final day of voting for the next President of the United States.  I am hopeful that our country will choose love and inclusion over hate, and I am hopeful that at the conclusion of the vote, our daughters will see that they can be anything they want to be, and they are not limited by existing power brokers, systems and biases that reduce or eliminate their options.

I am hopeful that a woman who leads this country will bring a perspective to the table that is tough, but compassionate, experienced yet innovative, and able to tackle social issues with vigor.  The perspective that a woman is not suited or equipped to be President of the United States is just absurd, in my opinion, as women tend to be consensus-builders and tough as nails!  Sounds like a perfect fit for the Presidential Office!

Wanting to log and provide some inspiration for this herstoric day, I am posting a moving  Hillary campaign ad that circulated on Twitter.  It represents the vision I would like to see for our world, our country, and the women and men of this land.

We can celebrate the showing of forty thousand people at the Hillary rally in Philadelphia last night in a peaceful, respectful, hopeful gathering.  It is worth taking a moment to watch the live coverage of families taking their children to the grave of Suffragette Susan B. Anthony, in Rochester, New York.  Placing “I voted” stickers on her grave, and explaining the importance of the day.  Very touching, indeed.

We have come a long way as a nation.  Let’s continue our forward momentum!  Your voice matters!  Get out there and vote!  We can do this!